Hello, Phillane (or Philly for short) here!


As a graphic designer by training, I spent my years in the corporate world as a graphic designer, an events coordinator and subsequently found myself teaching art to both neurotypical children and children with special needs. The Med Karlek Inc. journey began when we started designing niche birthday parties for my students.


In 2014, an opportunity presented itself and we took a leap of faith to start designing weddings/celebrations with the intention to make events and venue styling accessible for all. A year later, we renamed this little company Med Karlek Inc. (previously known as Med Karlek) and over time our family has bloomed and grown. We believe that every person has a story to tell and we aim to bring your narrative to life through curated design and craft.

You usually only see the completed setups we post on Instagram, but we’ve decided it’s time to share more.


Behind every event are months of preparation, ending off with a full day of setup. From the floral arrangements to the smallest personal touches, we’re here to coordinate everything and make sure we bring your vision to life. We’ll be the first at your venue, and the last to leave, quietly working behind the scenes.


Welcome to a day in our life.